Turtle Jack’s

Our Story

Sun-drenched days and star-filled nights. Friends and family gathered around the table sharing food and stories. Come on over to Turtle Jacks.

In 1992, the Lishman family had a dockside moment of inspiration. What if there was a premium restaurant that offered delicious, fresh food served with the same fun, relaxed hospitality one enjoys with family and friends at the cottage?

From this simple dockside idea, Turtle Jack’s Muskoka Grill was born.

Thirty years later, Turtle Jack’s continues its tradition of celebrating family, friendship and fun through its signature premium-casual dining experience. Guests are greeted by our team as newly met friends, and then indulged with flavourful menu items prepared fresh each day by our talented kitchen team.

Turtle Jack’s Food Story

The Facts About Our Pasta

Turtle Jack’s pasta dishes are proudly made with Barilla® pasta, Italy’s #1 brand of pasta.


We have many great locations throughout Southern Ontario ready to serve you. Come on over!


Get a taste of the cottage without losing cell reception. No flipping a coin over who does the dishes.


See our weekly line up, promotions and specials offers. Anyone up for  some Turtle Time?