Enjoy Gluten-Free at Turtle Jack’s

All the flavour.
None of the gluten.

Because everyone deserves a delicious meal.


At Turtle Jack’s we take dietary restrictions very seriously. With the constantly changing landscape of health trends and dietary restrictions, we tailor our menu to ensure everyone has a seat at our table. We strive to have the best quality food available, which is why we developed our Gluten-Free Menu.

We are committed to taking proper care when preparing gluten-free meals with a dedicated station and Allergen Saf-T-Zone™ system within our kitchen. Your server will always ask if you have any allergies or food sensitivities so that our chefs are fully aware and prepared to take the proper measures to ensure safe food handling.

To further educate our guests, we’ve added a legend to our main menu highlighting new items, signature items and items that are vegetarian friendly and gluten-sensitive friendly. Menu items noted in our menu as GFA can be modified to ensure it is gluten-free. Alternatively, you can ask your server for our full gluten-free menu to see the variety of flavourful options available.

Each dish that leaves our kitchen is specially prepared so everyone can come on over.

curry bowl

Our servers will ask you about any food allergies – let them know if you prefer gluten-free available options for your dining experience.

We adapt to our consumers’ health and dietary restrictions.

We are committed to taking proper care in preparing gluten-free meals with an extensive kitchen process.

We have a gluten-free available (GFA) legend on our menu or you can ask for a Gluten-Free Menu.

Cottage Classics made gluten-free

Try one of our delicious salads and mains available gluten-free. Ask your server for details. See our full gluten-free menu for additional options.

gluten-free pesto chicken
gluten-free curry bowl
gluten-free kale salad
gluten-free salmon

Gluten-Free Menu

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