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Looking for the freshest salmon? Look closer to home. True North Seafood Company® delivers fresh seafood that is as sustainable as it is savoury.
True North Atlantic Salmon Seafood Company

Fresh, Local, Sustainably Sourced True North Salmon

At Turtle Jack’s we’re all about family, fun, and fresh food. Now we’ve found a kindred spirit in the family-run True North Seafood Company®. Based in New Brunswick, the True North Seafood Company is one of North America’s largest and most trusted producers of fresh Atlantic salmon. Our in-house chefs will tell you, it’s for good reason. With 4-star BAP certification, True North Seafood proudly employs sustainable aquaculture practices to ensure long-term social, economic, and environmental sustainability.

From their sea farms to your table, with the utmost respect for our oceans, you’ll taste the difference. Of course, what we love even more is the flavourful, high quality salmon they provide our restaurants and their Muskoka-themed recipes. It has inspired our chefs at Turtle Jack’s to create dishes that are sure to catch your attention, such as our always-popular Pineapple Mango Salmon. You can also try it blackened in our cajun spice or add it to any of our fresh, delicious salads.

Turtle Jack's Salmon

True North Atlantic salmon is sustainably raised in the cold, clear waters of the Bay of Fundy, right where nature intended.

Enjoy a perfect pairing with Hawkes Bay Sauvignon Blanc. The refreshing notes of passionfruit and gooseberry richly layered with lemon and grapefruit make this the perfect wine pairing for our Pineapple Mango Salmon.

To learn more about the True North Seafood Company®, visit their website at www.truenorthseafood.com

Bay of Fundy
Turtle Jack's Salmon
Turtle Jack's Salmon
Turtle Jack's Salmon