Turtle Jack’s Food Story

The Facts About Our Atlantic Salmon

We’ve taken our atlantic salmon recipes upstream thanks to our new partnership with the True North Salmon Company.

True North Atlantic Salmon Seafood Company

Fresh, Local, Sustainably Sourced Salmon

At Turtle Jack’s we’re all about family, fun, and fresh food. Now we’ve found a kindred spirit in the family-run True North Salmon Company. Based in New Brunswick, the True North Salmon Company has quickly grown to become one of North America’s largest and most trusted producers of fresh North Atlantic Salmon. And as our in-house chefs will tell you, it’s for good reason.

A swimmingly fresh idea

At the True North Salmon Company, they’re constantly spawning new ideas around how to naturally raise and farm Atlantic salmon. Proudly Canadian, True North Salmon goes from ocean to plate within just 48 hours. What does that mean for you? A healthy and tasty protein that’s never frozen. Truly fresher and truly delicious.

Fresh and Inspiring Recipes

Of course, what we love even more is the flavourful, high quality salmon they provide our restaurants and their Muskoka themed recipes. It has inspired our chefs at Turtle Jack’s to create dishes that are certain to catch your attention, such as our always-popular pineapple mango salsa and salmon or try the blackened salmon in our Cajun spice and add to any of our delicious salads.

Have we caught your attention?

Then dive in to your local Turtle Jack’s Muskoka Grill this week.

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