Canadian-Raised Chicken - A Great Meal is a Family Affair

Turtle Jack’s begins with fresh, high-quality chicken from family-owned farms, followed by the care and right ingredients from our chefs. All for a meal worthy of your family.

What "Raised by a Canadian Farmer" means

The pride we take in our menu starts well before our chefs begin their flavourful creations. It starts with great partners who ensure that every ingredient that goes into what we serve is of the highest quality.

Our partnership with Chicken Farmers of Canada means that you can be confident in the standards set for quality, food safety, animal care, and sustainability.

Turtle Jack's Hunters Chicken
Did you know?
  • Over 90% of all of Canadian farms are family-owned and operated. 
  • All Canadian flocks live in large, well-ventilated barns (protected from predators and disease) and are free to roam and access feed and water as they wish. 
  • Canadian chickens are fed a nutritionally balanced diet which changes based on their stage of growth. This diet includes grains, protein-producing seeds, bone meal, vitamins and minerals. 
  • Advancements in nutrition, along with good-breeding programs and improvements in housing conditions are just some of the reasons for the larger, healthier chickens we see today.

The farmers that are part of the Chicken Farmers of Canada family are committed to:

  • Meeting consumer expectations
  • Protecting the health and welfare of their birds
  • Preserving effective treatment practices

Find out more about how Canadian chickens are raised.

Turtle Jack's Chicken Favourites

We know you’ll find something to love in every chicken dish we make.
Here are just a few of our favourites:

Turtle Jack's Garlic Chicken Rolls

Roasted Garlic Chicken Rolls

We sauté fresh, local chicken with red onions and roasted garlic and then marry it with shredded Monterey jack cheese, corn relish and sundried tomatoes before hand-wrapping, frying and serving with Thai or Creole mustard sauce. They truly are the perfect app! (6 pcs)

Braised Chicken Tacos

These yummy handhelds will surprise you with the flavour they  pack. We think it’s because of how we braise fresh chicken with chili powder, garlic, cilantro, Spanish onions and poblano peppers and then shred it before adding it back to the braised juices to absorb every last drop of flavour. Double the flavour? We think so. (3 pcs)

Turtle Jack's Braised Chicken Tacos
Turtle Jack's Buffalo Chicken Wrap

Buffalo Chicken Wrap

When a sandwich remains one of the top sellers for more than 15 years, you know it has to be good. It starts with fresh, breaded chicken tenders, fried and tossed in any of our amazing sauces before being wrapped with tomatoes, lettuce, cheddar and ranch dressing. No matter your mood or time of day, it’s sure to satisfy you.

Big Wing Sandwich

A Turtle Jack’s original. Made with fresh, boneless chicken breast, breaded in our signature dust and fried. It’s then layered with tomato, lettuce and ranch dressing on a sesame bun. The choice of sauce is yours, but our favourite is our Signature NY Butter Sauce®. Yum and yum!

Turtle Jack's Big Wing Sandwich
Turtle Jack's chicken

New York Chicken Dinner

Fresh, Canadian-farmed, boneless chicken breast breaded in our signature dust and tossed in our Signature NY Butter Sauce®, with tomatoes and ranch dressing drizzle. Served with Yukon mashed potatoes. This hearty dish has been a staple on our menu from the beginning.

Hunter’s Chicken

Hunter’s Chicken (or Poulet de Chasseur) is a classic French dish inspired by hunters who would pick mushrooms on their way home from a hunt to complete their hearty meal. Enjoy the combination of fresh Canadian chicken melding with mushrooms, pearl onions, tomatoes, bacon and herbs, and paired with Yukon mashed potatoes. Get ready for comfort!

Turtle Jack's Hunters Chicken